How do I order?

You can order on-line or by telephone. Just follow the instructions on the How to Order page.

When will my order be dispatched?

Our aim is to despatch orders no later than the next working day after the day of receipt. However, there will be occasions when this may be delayed by up to another day and despatches of newly published products can take up to a week from the publication date before they leave us.

Can I pay by cheque?

Our preferred method is on-line but cheques are accepted. You need to send a sterling cheque for the correct amount, including delivery cost, payable to ‘Trackmaps’ to the address at the Contact Us page. The goods will be despatched on clearance of the cheque. Please note this is for UK customers only. We are unable to accept cheques for overseas order.

How do I order from outside UK?

You can order in the normal manner through the site. Please note that our products mail as Printed Papers and there are various restrictions applied by some countries on weight.

Are Track Diagrams or the TRACKatlas available electronically?

Not at the moment but it is something we are working on. It will, however, be for industrial users only for copyright reasons.

Do you want to know about errors and omissions?

Definitely. There is a tremendous amount of work in collecting and assessing information to keep the publications up to date and the result includes enormous detail. We are not perfect and while we endeavour to maintain a very high level of accuracy, errors and omissions do occur. We are always very grateful when users take to time and trouble to tell us about errors or omissions. This can be done through any one of the Contact Us methods. We will try to respond in each case but, unfortunately, this is not always immediately possible.

Why should I answer the registration questions?

Registration makes it easier for your to purchase when you return to the Shop as your address details are already available with entering them again. Registration also gets your email address onto our notification listing for new publications. Last but not least, registration also helps us as we ask you to respond to two simple questions which tell us a little more about our customers. This, in turn, guides us with the design of new products to meet the needs of our customers.

When is the next title due out?

Specific publication dates are not given until the very last minute as it is often difficult to predict how long it takes to collect and assess information. However, we try to keep the News spots on the Home page up to date so customers can get a guide.

Do any of the products give historical detail?

No. Our various publications are intended to reflect today’s railway. They sometimes refer to original railway companies as this can sometimes help understand how railway mileages proceed through the country but otherwise they detail the routes and assets in existence at the date of publication.

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British Railway Track Maps.

British Railway Track Maps.