What people say..

..about Quail Track Diagrams:

When the first colour Western Quail came out in 2005, Rail Express said “The indispensable track maps return in revised bang-up-to date, full colour format”

In 2010, Ticketgal (on northernrailway.co.uk) said “we all got issued with Quail maps when I started, a lot of the new starters still use them to help with route learning!!”

…about the TRACKatlas:

Barry Doe of Rail Magazine (Rail 639) said “I thoroughly recommend the new Track Atlas from Trackmaps…I think this is one of the most valuable publications to ever appear for serious railway users. At £24.95, it’s a bargain”

Railway Magazine (Mar 2010) said “…it all adds up to a vast and comprehensive reference work that will find many friends. There are some shortcomings, such as no tram networks or Heritage lines…That said, it is fascinating to study and is thoroughly recommended”

Rail Express said “Within a matter of weeks, the TRACKatlas has become one of the most used reference works in the RE office…we expect it to quickly become an invaluable tool for the armchair enthusiast through to the most ardent track basher”

Paulb1973 (on uk.railway) said “I had thought every running line/out-of-use line/depots and all sidings (including privately owned ones) would be shown. But taking into account scale, space etc, I quickly realised that would have been impossible. Mind-you, it’s alongside my bed & I can't stop reading it

TRACKatlas of Mainland Britain

TRACKatlas of Mainland Britain