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TRACKatlas of Mainland Britain 3rd edition

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Publisher:Platform 5 Publishing

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TRACKatlas of Mainland Britain, 3rd edition, 2017

Edited by Mike Bridge

ISBN: 978-1-909431-26-3

Published by Platform 5

Hard back book, A4 192 pages (incl 158 pages in colour)

The third edition of the popular TRACKatlas includes updates to all the original maps with the number of heritage lines increased to 50 and, for the first time, 19 pages of layouts covering the 9 major over-ground Light Rail/Metro systems. Originally developed from a series of maps produced for the UK Rail Industry, 140 detailed diagrams describe a National Network Map showing the extent of the operating network and its infrastructure. The maps show track level detail in a schematic format set over geographic centre lines. Passenger and freight routes are shown together with their track formations including connections, crossovers and primary sidings. All stations appear with signal boxes, junctions and tunnels including their names and railway mileages. Level crossings that affect signalling are also included together with information describing their type. Complex areas are shown as larger scale insets. Colour is used to show electrified lines.

The contents include  

The second edition includes:

  • An Index Map showing the page layout
  • An specific Index Map for the London area
  • A Key and list of Abbreviations
  • 104 pages of schematic maps covering the country followed by 36 pages of larger scale maps covering congested areas such as London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and other locations, all in full colour showing the rail routes at track level detail
  • 19 pages of schematic maps covering Light Rail/Metro systems in full colour showing the rail routes at track level detail over an Ordnance Survey map background
  • A full Index of locations with over 10,000 entries