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Book 4 Midlands & North West

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Price: 15.95

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Coming soon

The new and updated 4th edition will available in mid-January, date to be announced.


Railway Track Diagrams, Book 4 – Midlands & North West

Edited by Martyn Brailsford


Soft back book, A4 72 pages (incl 54 pages in colour)

To be published by Trackmaps in 4th edition

Book 4; Midlands and North West covers the lines forming the LNW and East Midlands Routes of Network Rail plus the tram systems in Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham together with a number of Heritage lines.  It also includes the Chilterns lines (transferred from Book 3) but excludes the North Wales and Cambrian lines (transferred to Book 3)

The contents include  

  • An Index Map showing the routes covered
  • A detailed Key
  • A comprehensive list of Abbreviations
  • 52 pages of schematic maps in full colour showing the rail routes at track level detail
  • A full Index of locations with over 3,700 entries
  • A listing of Engineers Line References
  • A listing of Line of Route codes