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Book 3 Western & Wales

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Railway Track Diagrams, Book 3 – Western & Wales

Edited by Myles Munsey

ISBN: 978-1-9996271-0-2

Soft back book, A4 56 pages (incl 36 pages in colour)

Published by Trackmaps in 6th edition, June 2018

Book 3 – Western & Wales covers the network from London Paddington into South Wales and the West Country plus the lines in Central and North Wales previously in Book 4.  For the first time, it also includes the Crossrail Central Core through London.  A number of Heritage and narrow gauge lines also appear.  Please note: It no longer includes connecting lines into other regions such as the Chiltern lines to Banbury and the Southern lines to Yeovil that appeared in previous editions. 

The contents include  

  • An Index Map showing the routes covered
  • A detailed Key
  • A comprehensive list of Abbreviations
  • 36 pages of schematic maps in full colour showing the rail routes at track level detail
  • A full Index of locations with over 3,200 entries
  • A listing of Engineers Line References
  • A listing of Line of Route codes