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Book 2 Eastern

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Railway Track Diagrams, Book 2 – Eastern

Edited by Martyn Brailsford

ISBN: 978-0-9549866-8-1

Soft back book, A4 72 pages (incl 51 pages in colour)

Published by Trackmaps in 4th edition, November 2016

Book 2 – Eastern covers the network on the eastern side of Britain from London northwards to the Scottish Border.  It includes the areas generally as Network Rail’s LNE and East Anglia Routes together with public service light rail Metro in Newcastle and SuperTram in Sheffield plus a number of Heritage and leisure lines.  Now in 4th edition (the first having been published in 1992).

The contents include  

  • An Index Map showing the routes covered
  • A detailed Key
  • A comprehensive list of Abbreviations
  • 51 pages of schematic maps in full colour showing the rail routes at track level detail
  • A full Index of locations with over 4,000 entries
  • A paginated listing of Engineers Line References and Line of Route codes