JOHN YONGE 1931 to 2021


JOHN YONGE 1931 to 2021

It is with great regret that we learned of the death of John Yonge, the originator of the Railway Track Diagram books ("Quails"), who sadly died in January 2021, aged 89.  John was very well known in cartography circles and developed a keen interest in mapping many of the World's railway systems. 

His first Track Diagram book, published in the mid-1980's, covered Scotland and was compiled by touring the country with a rail pass.  He was very much a cartographer of his times producing all his maps by hand with perfect draughtsmanship.  His subsequent partnership with the late Gerald Jacobs as editor extended the range of titles to cover the whole of Britain and Ireland. 

They proved extremely popular filling a gap, still relevant today, in railway knowledge but by 2004, with John and Gerald both in their seventies, the changing nature of the print industry was making hand-drawn production more difficult.  As a conseqience, John sold the rights to the books to Trackmaps and their publication has continued to this day.  John then had more time to devote to other projects, such as his China and Tasmania Rail Atlases.

His legacy remains every time an industry user or an enthusiast needs to answer the "where is it?" question and opens their Quail.


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